Peter Hemming Photography
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Arctic Ocean, 1991, what started it all...
A cold day in the Grand Tetons
A warm day in the Sea of Cortez
Going south
With Chaco Ika, last of the Easter Island royals
I can see Russia from my window! Bering Strait, between Asia and North America
Going bats in Texas
Talking things over with a Maasai elder
Foxe Basin, Arctic Ocean
Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
Waiting for white sharks
About to dive under arctic ice
Getting that sunrise shot in the Alabama Hills, California
Slot canyon, Arizona
A 130 degree day in Death Valley
Off to work, Baffin Island
I'm watching! Moving rocks of Death Valley
Taking that left turn at Albuquerque
Waiting for the right light, Utah
Yes, size does matter!
Once you're there, you discover that there's no there, there!
Waiting for moose, they didn't come. Grand Tetons
Serengeti, Tanzania
A golden day in Antelope Valley
Count your fingers! The great bald eagle feeding, Homer Alaska
An off day
Photographing a Greenland shark under six feet of arctic ice
Midnight in the Maroon Bells, Colorado
A 15,774 ft. day on the summit of Mont Blanc, France
A long way from home, Easter Island
Still diving after all these years, Monterey Bay
The last place on Earth, Antarctica!
Photographing sea otters in Elkhorn Slough, Moss Landing
Down from the Matterhorn, 1990
Record high altitude scuba dive for North America. 12,829 ft. California's Tulainyo Lake, 1997.
Aquanaut! (24 hours at 30 feet underwater in the La Chalupa habitat)