Peter Hemming Photography


Mother sea otter and pup, Monterey Bay, California, Bats exiting Bracken Cave, Texas, Stalking crocodile, Bald eagles, Homer Alaska, Fighting elephant seals, San Simeon, California, Female impalas, Night lion Serengeti, Tanzania, Wide load, Blacktailed deer, Sandhill cranes, Walrus, Arctic Ocean, Indian garial, Bald eagle, Alaska, Running zebra, The great sandhill crane migration, North Platte River, Screech owl, Sleeping sea lion, Leopard, Tanzania, Bull elephant seals, Polar bear, Baffin Island, Stalking alligator, Osprey , Migrating sandhill cranes, I told you I liked venison when you married me!, Bison dust bath, Sleeping alligator, Elephant seal in surf, Raven in winter, Risso's dolphins, Stalking bobcat, Prairie dogs, Elk in meadow, Harbor seal, Long-tailed weasel with dead mouse, Migrating monarch butterflies, Pacific Grove, California, Mating California Condors, HUmpback whale sounding, California praying mantis, Beautiful!.